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Corresponding to our vanguard which is to hold on for the future and have hope the next day, we seek improvements on ourselves, this is our concept in the inspiration for our designs and creations.
In the past 30 years, we have achieved many great successes, such as the residential, office associative, reconstruction and commercial. For us, the fundamental goal of design is to merge nature in daily life,
simplicity and safety. We hold positive energy to proceed in designs and life as well.

Yangger Artists was founded in 1990 in Taichung City.

The Taipei office then began in 2007 for the business of northern Taiwan.

To distinguish on the profession, our director often organizes training courses for all employees regularly.

In 2012, the new headquarters of Taichung was proudly renovated by an abandoned building, after the hectic and long reconstruction it became a symbol of  Yangger, symbolizes hope and overcoming obstacles.

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TAICHUNG   Established since 1990
Taiwan (R.O.C.) Taichung City 408002, No.361-6, FengShu West Street., Nantun Dist.

TAIPEI   Established since 2007 
Taiwan (R.O.C.) Taipei City 111042, No.38, Lane 829, Section 5, ZhongShan North Road., Shilin Dist.

Yangger Artists Taichung Headquarter is located in FengShu Neighborhood, Nantun District. We built our headquarter office

within a forest like town, getting close to mother nature and experience life like barefoot. We learn from simplicity and trace

the essence of nature.

清風無處不在的天井,接天上水以澆灌,為一種先民的 智慧 ─不浪費任何大地資源。

Our courtyard is encompassed with light breeze and we water plants with rain, which comes from the wisdom of our ancestors 

—never waste any resources from the Earth.


使房子斜西,也能因小葉欖仁樹而產生遮蔭效果,將人的身心內外做結合,房子能與人一同在樹下 乘涼、喝茶。


The design of the architecture has been determined by trees and Formosan bamboos around the area. The waterproof under-work is like

our immune system that protects us from bacterium. While in Summer, sunsets may feel warm and stuffy, yet with the Madagascar almond

trees around provide shades to stay cool and savor tea in the evening.


而貫穿4 -5層樓的鏤空天井增添空氣的對流、律動。安定氛圍,存在於築巢的斑鳩、振翅的黃蝶、下雨天趕集的蝸牛之間。


The courtyard going through between the fourth and fifth floor lets air flow around. A stable atmosphere exists among nesting turtledoves,

fluttering yellow butterflies and snails rushing home on a rainy day.



Our office is more than a workplace as it is closely connected with life. Dinner is readily served on the cooking stove in the kitchen.

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